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Brazil Wedding · Published

After an interview with the beautiful wedding couple and their destination photographer, the following event was published with my friends at Jetfete, destination wedding blog:

Benjamin and Thailis had a truly global destination wedding in beautiful Brazil! The groom from New York, the bride from Brazil, the pair planned the event from their home (and where they met) in China! The decided to host a week long celebration with all their friends and family staying together at a private villa about two hours south of Recife, Brazil in a remote beach town. We asked the couple about their selection. “The reason for choosing the place was the size of the house, was big enough to have all our friends staying together for the wedding and carnival, plus that our friends were coming from all over the world so we wanted everyone to meet in advance and have a great time.”


With a week to play, the group not only celebrated the big day but also planned a trip to Carnival, a boat ride to nearby island, day trips to various beaches and of course, lots of lounging around the villa.

“The challenge was organizing the wedding from China, specially February 14th, carnival had all the hotels already booked.”

“One of our friends surprised us so much bringing his helicopter and giving us a ride right before the ceremony, the view was so beautiful from the top and the feeling was amazing.” How fun!!

Then, for the ceremony, the couple opted to say “I do” in the evening.

“We didn’t think much about theme or decor, actually we decided to keep it clean and soft looking, we wanted the location to be the focal point since the place was so pretty and charming.”

“Notable and interesting part of the wedding party was the couple’s first dance, which was organized during the week that we stayed at the villa, one of our friends helped us to coordinate the dance, some of our best friends danced with us and it was followed by fireworks.”

A custom cake topper, dessert bar and more dancing then rounded out the night and a wonderful week together with loved ones!

“The day after our wedding we spent with our friends again – a boat to a nearby island, lots of hammocks and more drinks.”

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Wedding location: Sirinhaem, Recife, Brazil
Wedding Venue: Villa Trinidade
Wedding Coordinator – VA Cerimonial & Eventos by Vanessa
Designer/Florist- Julio Baltar
Catering/Linens/Tables/Chairs – Anthurius
DJ/entertainment – DJ Canavarro
Dress designer – custom

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