Best Places To Elope

In Orange County

Estancia Resort Wedding · San Diego, CA

You know the saying – Rain on your wedding day is a sign of Good Luck. Well, it is interesting how many “good luck” weddings that I have photographed this past wedding season, considering that it has been such a warm winter here in southern California. It feels like there have been about 5 rainy days this last season and I photographed a wedding on each of those. No matter, it takes some flexibility and creativity to be a wedding vendor on these days but it is always fun.

This day in La Jolla, San Diego was a mix of overcast and rain. It rained at just the right times and was overcast at the perfect times. What helped even more was having a really beautiful venue to photographer at – The Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa. Such a nice place.
Impeccably manicured grounds.
Check out this ridiculously beautiful bouquet, omg.

Jimmy Choo! [Wedding photography smiles]

Chinese tea ceremony to honor the immediate family:

I love this photo as they are waiting for family to arrive . . .

Zàijiàn!! 再见!!

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"We could just elope"

Sometimes a big wedding just isn't what
you want. Elopements are pretty much my favorite thing EVER to
photograph, because you get to make the day totally unique to you.
When you elope, there aren't any compromises necessary – You can go
anywhere you want to, do anything you like, and have the adventure of
a lifetime. The beauty is that since you're saving a TON of money
that you'd spend on a big wedding, you have more flexibility to
travel, buy that perfect dress, splurge a $1000 on flowers, or spend
a little extra on details you might not be able to afford with a big


Elopements are simple, relaxed, and
beautiful. And the best part is you can do it anywhere, anytime.


So if you're
planning an elopement in Orange County or Southern California, I've
put together a list of great elopement venues. These range from urban
to the 100% wild outdoors. The beauty of eloping in Southern
California is there is literally EVERYTHING to choose from. Want to
elope on the beach in Laguna? We can do that. Want to head off into
the mountains and have an elopement in Big Sur? Easy peesy. Dig that
desert vibe? Have an elopement at Joshua Tree! We have some of the
best elopement locations in the world. (and that's why I love being
an elopement photographer in Orange County!)


With that intro
out of the way, lets get into this list of the best elopement
locations around Orange County!