Hey friend! I'mRyana dreamer.
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First things first: I'm a sucker for adventure. I was born and raised in BC Canada, but I went to college at Hillsong Church in Australia for 4 years (where I met my amazing & gorgeous wife!) Once we were married we went back to Canada for a while before coming down to California for the sunshine & the amazing outdoors!


My favorite places on earth are the ones that are untouched - And the best way to spend a day is to explore somewhere amazing, jump off a waterfall or kayak down a river


My passion for wedding photography comes from a love for adventure & creativity, and I'm secretly stoked when I wind up friends with the incredible couples I get to work with!

My Favorite Things
2my wife!

Experience / Style

Thank you for taking time to look at my work! For the last six years I have been working as a professional photographer specializing in weddings – And I truly love it. I actually get an adrenaline rush (no kidding) documenting an entire wedding day, and I love getting to meet truly incredible people. The best part is we get to work together to create some breathtaking photography.


Over the years I have photographed a wide range of religious and cultural wedding traditions, and I have photographed weddings in America, Canada, & Australia. I’m always up for a new adventure & love to travel.


My approach is centred around honest, authentic, totally real moments. Those are the ones that matter most. I love working with adventurous couples who have a desire to dig deep and be their 100% genuine selves. Of course, I’ll step in and tweak things a little to make sure you look amazing, but my main goal is to get you guys interacting, enjoying the moment, and having an amazing time – That’s where the real magic happens!


I love getting to know couples before the wedding so that once the big day comes, we’re already friends and you’re totally comfortable having me there. Most of the wedding is photographed primarily as it unfolds naturally – particularly the getting ready time, the ceremony and reception.


The wedding party photos, family photos and bride/groom portraits involved in your day are more choreographed, but I work hard to keep it relaxed & fun.


I’m thrilled you’re checking out my work, and if you have any other questions send me a message – I’d love to connect!