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Strawberry Farms Wedding · Aly and Cody

Strawberry Farms Golf Club
11 Strawberry Farms Road
Irvine, CA 92612

If I could describe a wedding with the same feelings that a person gets from a great night of dancing, this would be the day. In fact, it was literally filled with dancing from the getting ready to the grand exit. No kidding. As a photographer who likes to dance this is kind of a great day. :) At least there was never a problem getting photos of everyone enjoying themselves. And since Aly and Cody are incredibly photogenic, well . . . take a look.

Like I said, this is where the dancing began and it only stopped so we could make it to the ceremony in time! These girls are wild!!

Some of the most luscious Badgley Mischkas I have ever photographed, so beautiful . . .

Strawberry Farms is one of the most unique venues in Orange County. It feels completely out of place in the “OC” and is perfect for a rustic or “country” wedding feel.

Our groom chilling on the porch . . .

I told the guys about the dance party that the girls had, so they showed up! Woot!!

Really touching moments happened directly before the ceremony as we staged a “first look” with Daddy and daughter. Then he walked Aly down the aisle. Proud Dad giving away his daughter. . .

Grab your card and find a seat!!

Sun-kissed grand entrance through the barn doors!! So awesome . . .

First dance . . .

and a toast . . .

Custom cake topper! Looks just like Aly and Cody!!!

Shoes – Badgley Mischka
Florals and Event Design – Green Leaf Designs
DJ – Elevated Pulse Productions

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