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Laguna Beach Wedding | The Bungalows | Pacific Edge Hotel

Sarah and Joe’s approach to their wedding day was unique, thoughtful and TONS of fun. They spent about zero dollars getting married at the city courthouse earlier in the day, and then spent the big funds throwing a massive party for their friends and family. They did this by renting out the entire Bungalows section of the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach. The Bungalows are five separate beach front units at the hotel, all connected with a single private deck. Each room is styled/themed completely differently than the other, beach access via stairs on one end of the deck and direct bar access on the other end ;). The shared deck was large enough for their 100 person guest list to comfortably sit for dinner, have a band and a small dance floor. Though the Pacific Edge Hotel as a whole could use a makeover, the private Bungalows area is definitely modern and well updated.

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